Finding The Right Extension

Tips for Finding the Right Extension

Of course, whether you’re using Joomla, finding the right extension will take some time and research. There are so many options available and the functionality you’re looking for is out there. It’s up to you make sure you’re installing something that makes the most sense for your specific purpose.

Compatibility is Critical It’s very important to be sure that you’re downloading an extension that is compatible with the version of the CMS that you’re using. Installing a Joomla 2.5 extension in a 3.3 site could potentially create some very serious issues within the site.

Be sure you can get support It’s also very important that you can get help with an extension if issues arise while you’re tring to get it configured correctly. Our support team cannot help troubleshoot issues with 3rd party extensions that you have installed, and we always advise our clients to be find extensions that have some sort of support (either through documentation or through directly through the developer) before installing the extensions.

Look for reviews & comments Looking for reviews and comments in the JED listing is a great way to find out if other users have found success or have had issues with specific extensions.


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