JExtBOX Youtube Custom iFrame Player Documentation

It help you to embed YouTube videos, a playlist, favorite videos, user uploads and search results.

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Joomla 3.x
component, module, plugin
2.2.1 on 19 Jan 2017

This package (component, plugins and module) helps to embed YouTube videos, playlist, favorite videos, user uploads and search results into your Joomla web site very easy and provides many options: player size, theme, autoplay, loop, related video, fullscreen, start time, stop time, playlist and many other options. It supports modern iFrame player. Also it's responsive.

Extensions in package:

  • Component - includes helper files for button plugin
  • Button plugin - adds a button to editor for insert YouTube videos into articles
  • Content plugin - converts a script in an article to YouTube iframe code
  • Module - helps to insert YouTube videos as module


  • Single or multiple videos with starting & stopping time
  • Favorite Videos
  • Playlist
  • User Uploads
  • Search Results from YouTube.

Other features:

  • Editor button for insert videos
  • Responsive
  • Empty or bad syntax detection (for com_content only)
  • All YouTube embed options:
    1. Size of player
    2. Theme of player
    3. Auto Play
    4. Show related video
    5. Loop video
    6. Full Screen
    7. Hifh quality video
    8. Show video title etc.
    9. Progress bar color
    10. Auto hide controls
    11. Disable controls
    12. Modest Branding
    13. Playlist
    14. Start
    15. Stop
    16. Force subtitle, subtitle language

2.2.1. 2017-01-19. Front-end editor has been supported.

2.2.0. 2016-04-11. Editor button. Support has been ended for Joomla 2.5.

2.1.0. 2015-05-31. Empty or bad syntax detection.

2.0.1. 2014-04-26. Fixed a issue related to Fullscreen button.

2.0.0. 2014-03-23. Module.

1.7.0. 2014-03-22. Responsive.

1.6.0. 2013-12-04. Youtube playlist, favorite videos and search results have been supported.

1.5.0. 2013-11-15. Name has been changed.

1.4.0. 2013-09-16. Force subtitle, Subtitle language and Menu language options has been added.

1.3.0. Stop parameter has been supported. Name of start parameter has been changed.

1.2.0. Start parameter has been supported.

1.1.0. Playlist support has been added.

1.0.1. Minor bug has been fixed.

1.0.0. Initial release.

This package includes a module and plugins for insert videos into an article.

Module Configuration:

  • Sinle Video
    Input: lGdLmDbcnk8
    Type: Video(s)
  • Single Video with start & stop
    Input: lGdLmDbcnk8#start=1m05s#stop=2m05s
    Type: Video(s)
  • Multiple Videos
    URLs: and
    Input: lGdLmDbcnk8,Bx51eegLTY8
    Type: Video(s)
  • Multiple Videos with start & stop (for 1st video only)
    URLs: and
    Input: lGdLmDbcnk8#start=1m05s#stop=2m05s,Bx51eegLTY8
    Type: Video(s)
  • Favorite Videos
    Input: YOUTUBE_USER_ID (for example: galaagl)
    Type: Favorite Videos
  • Playlist
    Input: YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_ID (for example: PL3A7C8AC37E3FB2A2)
    Type: Playlist
  • User Uploads
    Input: YOUTUBE_USER_ID (for example: galaagl)
    Type: User Uploads
  • Search Results from YouTube
    Input: KEYWORDS (for example: bon jovi)
    Type: Search Results

Plugin, this is used to insert YouTube videos into articles. There is two methods: use a button in article editor or insert script manually. Recommend to you use the editor button. It will be easy and fast method.

Script syntax for plugin:

  • Sinle Video
    Syntax: [youtube]lGdLmDbcnk8[/youtube]
  • Single Video with start & stop
    Syntax: [youtube]lGdLmDbcnk8#start=1m05s#stop=2m05s[/youtube]
  • Multiple Videos
    URLs: and
    Syntax: [youtube]lGdLmDbcnk8,8KS-UswccMU[/youtube]
  • Multiple Videos with start & stop (for 1st video only)
    URLs: and
    Syntax: [youtube]lGdLmDbcnk8#start=1m05s#stop=2m05s,8KS-UswccMU[/youtube]
  • Favorite Videos
    Syntax: [youtube:favorites]YOUTUBE_USER_ID[/youtube]
    Example: [youtube:favorites]galaagl[/youtube]
  • Playlist
    Syntax: [youtube:playlist]YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_ID[/youtube]
    Example: [youtube:playlist]PL3A7C8AC37E3FB2A2[/youtube]
  • User uploads
    Syntax: [youtube:uploads]YOUTUBE_USER_ID[/youtube]
    Example: [youtube:uploads]galaagl[/youtube]
  • Search Results from YouTube
    Syntax: [youtube:search]KEYWORDS[/youtube]
    Example: [youtube:search]bon jovi[/youtube]

More information and sample about YouTube embed code. And official YouTube Player Demo.

The plugin has a function for empty or some bad syntax detection. But it works with Content (com_content) only. Where empty and bad syntax means for example [youtube][/youtube], [youtube]<span style="">VIDEO_ID</span>[/youtube].

So you need to beware these and other bad syntax such as [youtube:misspelling-parameter]VIDEO_ID[/youtube] or [yuotub]VIDEO_ID[/yuotub].

Thus, We recommend you to use the editor button again.

  • Q I am interested to know if this extension is compatible with the new YouTube API v3. I am currently using a playlist player that is not working since the change to v3 and am looking for a solution.
    A This extension uses iframe player only. So you don't need to care about API. Just insert your playlist ID and it will play your videos.