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Improves Next & Previous functionality of an Article

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Joomla 3.x
1.3.0 on 11 Oct 2015

This plugin is an improvement of core plugin "Page Navigation".

  • Adds the parent page (home page or category), when there isn't existing next or previous article
  • Changes direction between next and previous articles
  • Truncates long title of articles
  1. "Core plugin" options.
  2. Truncates long title of articles (optional).
  3. Parent Page Link. Chooses the show or hide link to home page when next or previous article doesn't exists.
  4. Direction (Next & Previous or Previous & Next).
  5. Custom text for Parent Page button.
  6. Parent Page Types: Site Home Page or Category Page of an article.
  7. Style with Twitter Bootstrap. It's like core plugin.

1.3.0. October 11 2015. Maintenance for new core plugin. "Truncate Title of the Article" new option.

1.2.0. August 10 2015. "Parent Page Type" parameter has been added.

1.1.0. July 27 2015. "Direction" and "Parent Page Text" parameters have been added.

1.0.1. 2013-11-13. A minor bug has been fixed.

1.0.0. 2013-07-16. Initial version.

"Page Navigation" core plugin must be disabled.