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This plugin displays custom message or module, when not logged in user visit an article and K2 item.

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Joomla 3.x
3.19.0 on 9 Jan 2018

This plugin displays custom message or module such as log-in, when not logged in user visit an article and K2 item. Also it has an integrated log-in module. The integrated log-in module will redirect back to current article or K2 item after successful log-in in category or other view mode.

  1. Supported CCK: Content (com_content) J3.8 or newer, K2 (com_k2) version 2.8 or newer.
  2. White-list and Black-list of Categories and articles or items
  3. Additional Filters: Date (Published Up, Created, Modified), Featured Status, Content Tags, Custom Fields, K2 Extra Fields.
  4. Login options: Integrated Login Module, Joomla default log-in, Text message only, Custom URL with title, Load module by module name or module position with or without additional text message. Also reCaptcha.
  5. Article Visibility: Intro text only, Limited text /HTML tags, paragraphs, words, characters/ and Nothing.
  6. Source of Limited text: Intro text or Whole content.
  7. Type of Limited text: Number of HTML tags, Paragraphs, Words and Characters.
  8. Log-in Message and Title.
  9. Overrides read-more link.
  10. Hides K2 attachments.
  11. Search Engine Bots: Specify which search engine bot will be allowed to visit full article or item.
  12. Meta-tag for Search Engine /SEO/: no-archive and no-index.
  13. Removes empty <p> tags, for example it will remove empty paragraph which added on inserting read-more separator with content editor.
  14. Skip count: The maximum number of articles (requests) will be allowed to full access.
  15. Multilingual ready.

Version 3.19.0. Fri Jan 5 2018

  1. Maintenance for K2 2.8.0 and Joomla 3.8.0.

Version 3.18.0. Mon May 1 2017

  1. Date filter was added.

Version 3.17.0. Mon Mar 27 2017

  1. Joomla Updater has been supported.

Version 3.16.0. Mon Mar 20 2017

  1. Custom fields (new feature of Joomla 3.7) have been supported.

Version 3.15.0. Tue Jan 17 2017

  1. New parameter "Hide attachments" has been added for K2 attachments.

Version 3.14.0. Sat May 21 2016

  1. New option "HTML tags" has been added for Limited text.

Version 3.13.0. Tue Apr 5 2016

  1. Concept for exclusion has been changed.

Version 3.12.0. Sun Mar 11 2016

  1. New parameter "Skip Count" has been added.
  2. Algorithm for hash has been changed.

Version 3.11.0. Sun Mar 11 2016

  1. New option "reCaptcha" has been added.
  2. Auto enabling during instatllation.

Version 3.10.0. Fri Mar 4 2016

  1. New option, that helps to hide login message in non article view mode /category or featured etc./, has been added.

Version 3.9.1. Mon Sep 28 2015

  1. Logical operator "or" was replaced by "||" for PHP bug.

Version 3.9.0. Fri May 22 2015

  1. New option "Override Read-More" has been added. A bug on "override" for K2 has been fixed.
  2. Some lines of code have been chenged to prevent possible PHP notice.

Version 3.8.0. 2015-04-21

  1. Bug fix
  2. Clean code
  3. Additional filters
  4. Joomla 2.5 hasn't been supported.

Version 3.7.1. 2015-04-21

  1. Bug fix

Version 3.7.0. 2015-03-28

  1. Integrated Login Module
  2. Major bug at K2 functinality has been fixed.

Version 3.6.0. 2015-02-21

  1. Mixed mode for Categories or Articles.

Version 3.5.0. 2014-12-26

  1. Plugin configuration fields have been improved: filter, url, module name and position name.

Version 3.4.0. 2014-12-24

  1. New options (module with login message) have been added by customer request.

Version 3.3.0. 2014-06-01

  1. All PHP notices, related to fulltext etc., has been solved.
  2. K2 installation check has been modified and Joomla warning has been solved.

Version 3.2.0. 2014-04-25

  1. K2 is fully supported now.
  2. Some major functions have been improved.
  3. New parameters (mode, remove empty paragraphs) have been added.

Version 3.1.0. 2013-11-29

  1. Major bug at K2 functinality has been fixed.
  2. K2 support has been improved.
  3. Limit parameter has been added for intro text.
  4. Name changed to "JExtBOX Login to Read More".

Version 3.0.0. 2013-10-01

  1. K2 supported.

Version 2.0.1

  1. Minor bug at default value of Login option has been fixed.
  2. Major bug at fulltext detection for Joomla 3 version has been fixed.

Version 2.0.0

  1. Additional login options.
  2. Visibility of article text.
  3. Search Engine Metatag.

Version 1.2.1

  1. Bug fix - bot detection.

Version 1.2.0

  1. Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.
  2. Code optimization.
  3. Bug fix.

Version 1.1.2:

  1. Bug fix - Excluded or include articles option.

Version 1.1.1:

  1. Bug fix - Excluded categories list.

Version 1.1:

  1. Selection of usage type of Categories and Articles list: include or exclude.

Version 1.0:

  1. Initial version.

We recommend you to set order of this plugin to 1'st in content type. Because it changes text of current article when preparing.

"Articles" is a list of comma separated ID's of articles. For example: 1,20,12.

It has two parameters: "Search Engine Bots" and "SEO meta-tag".

For "Search Engine Bots" you can enter search engines manually by bot name. If you have leave it empty, the plugin will load default search engines (initial value). These search engines can crawle you web sites content. If you want to stop crawling, set parameter "SEO Metatag" as "No-index". We are recommend to you option "No-archive". Because if you select "No-archive", search engines crawle your site content but doesn't show any content such as cache on their search result.

This version of plugin has been developed and tested on core "Content" component and most popular content construction kit "K2" v2.6.9.

It's about option "Both" of parameter "Mode". In general, parameter "Articles and Items Type" overrides parameter "Categories Type". See below.

Categories TypeArticles and Items TypeResult: "Login"

For example, let an article has id 24 was included in category Joomla and "Categories"="Joomla", "Categories Type"="Exclude", "Articles"="24", "Articles and Items Type"="Include". In this case Login MSG will been show.

This filters help to select some articles or K2 items from specific (given by main settings) categories and articles or all articles. Compatibility of available filters given by next table.

FiltersContent *K2
Featured Status
Content Tags
Custom Field
K2 Extra Fields

* - core component "Content" /com_content/ of Joomla! CMS.

Custom field input format on plugin configuration is {"id":"ID","value":"VALUE","rawvalue":"RAWVALUE"}. For example {"id":"15","value":"Yes","rawvalue":"1"}. You have to enter at least one of value and rawvalue.

Extra field input format on plugin configuration is {"id":"EXTRA_FIELD_ID","value":["VALUE_ID","VALUE_TEXT"]}.
For example, for drop-down selection, multi-select list and radio buttons {"id":"15","value":["2","Yes"]}, for text field and text-area {"id":"16","value":["Premium","Premium"]}. As well as the value of drop-down selection, multi-select list and radio buttons consists of internal id and value. But value of text field and text-area consists of text value only (in this case internal id of the value is NULL).
Internal id of the value is unseen in debug message for item view mode. So you need to see (in debug message) the id (internal id of the value) open your K2 item in list view mode (categories, latest items, tag or user page /blog/). Another way to see it is to access database table "#__k2_extra_fields".

  • Integrated Login Module
    Visitors redirect back to current article or item after successful login.
  • Joomla! Default Login
    Link to core login page.
  • Text message only
    Text message below content.
  • Custom Login URL
    Link to your custom login /or registration, subscription etc./ page.
  • Load Module
    Loads your favorite module by it's name.
  • Load Module with Login Message
    "Text message only"+"Load Module"
  • Load Module Position
    Loads your favorite module(s) by it's position name.
  • Load Module Position with Login Message
    "Text message only"+"Load Position Position"
  • reCaptcha
    Loads core plugin reCaptcha.

Relation between Login option and other parameters was given in next table.

Relation Joomla! Default Login Integrated Login Module Text message only Custom Login URL Load Module Load Module with Login Message Load Module Position Load Module Position with Login Message
Encrypt Login Form
Users Link
Show as Popup
Load jQuery
Custom Login URL
Module Name
Module Position
Login Title
Login Message
  • Intro text only
    Text above the separator "Read More". In this case, you have to insert the separator in your content. A button for insert the separator was placed in toolbar (default editor TinyMCE) or below of editor.
  • Limited text
    Some parts (HTML tags, paragraphs, words, characters) of given content. Please look at group of options pre-titled "Limit". If you want to use "Read More" separator anymore or never used in your web site, we have recommend to you this option.
    Attention: Strips html tags and format in modes words or characters.
  • Don't show anything
    Hides entire content of current article or item.

Skip count
The maximum number of articles (requests) will be allowed to full access. Insert 0 to disable it. Do not set too high.

Access Level
This plugin doesn't override access level. Instead of access level you have to use other things: article ID, category, featured status, tags, K2 extra fields. The access level is very restrictive to incoming guests, readers, subscribers and also search engine bots. So we are suggesting this plugin to Joomla developers. In this case you need to set access level of an article as "Public". In other words don't change it. Because "Public" is default value of this field.

  • Q The extension is not doing the expected.
    A Did you enable the plugin or set plugin ordering properly?
  • Q How do I enable the plugin?
    A First open an page Configure Extension. Then click the tab "Plugin" and read instruction.
  • Q How to check and set Ordering?
    A Check: 1. Open Plugin Manager 2. Set filter as content /from -Select Type-/ 3. Now you can see Ordering. Set Ordering: 4. Click Ordering button /up down arrows/ 5. Drag your plugins.
  • Q What about core options such as Status, Access, Ordering?
    A These parameters very important. You have to set to Status=Enabled, Access=Public, Ordering="Read related FAQ item".
  • Q After creating a category that requires login, the plugin doesn't show the login form when someone click that article.
    A Check following: 1. Mode=Categories 2. Categories="your categories" 3. Categories type=Include
  • Q Is there a way to have the visitor returned to the same page after Login?
    A You can use our "Integrated Login Module" to do this. In other case such as "Load Module", it depends your login module. For example, this is possible for core log-in module of Joomla. Just you need following options: 1. Login=Load Module 2. Module name="select name of the default login module /default name is Login/"
  • Q Would Google scan the entire article?
    A Yes. A bot, registered to Search Engine Bots list, can crawl an article was controlled by this extension.
  • Q Is it supported K2?
    A Yes. We have tested our extension with newer version of K2.
  • Q Is it supported any other CCK?
    A Not yet. But maybe in next release.
  • Q I can't see reCaptcha.
    A Did you enable and configure core plugin reChaptcha?