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This extension helps to display your math equations, diagrams and figures.

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2.11.1 on 4 Sep 2017

This extension adds a functionality for insert and display math equation (TeX/LaTeX) and figure (PSPicture). Also it supports equation numbering.

  1. Editor button for insert math equation and figure
  2. Live preview and LaTeX template (typical scripts)
  3. Powered by MathJax: This plugin based on MathJax.
  4. Custom installation: You can give a path of MathJax installation on your local server.
  5. MathJax custom config & default config
  6. MathJax source: Content Delivery Network (CDN) of MathJax or Local installation.
  7. Fallback: Loads local installation, if CDN fails.
  8. Resource & time saving: Stops when any equation detected inside text of an article/html.
  9. Direct conversion
    1. Converts a LaTeX equation /script/ in HTML including content was loaded by AJAX, to MathJax formatted script on the fly.
    2. Skips pre & code tags, i.e. does not convert equations and pspictures inside these tags.
    3. Doesn't convert $ selector of javascript library in script tags.
    4. Clean-up spaces after line equations.
  10. Supports pspicture: LaTeX2HTML5 or Mathapedia

2.11.1. Sep 4, 2017. A minor bug for front-end editor has been solved.

2.11.0. Jun 24, 2017. Dollar sign escape.

2.10.0. May 8, 2017. Maintenance for MathJax CDN changes.

2.9.1. February 23, 2017. Minor modification for live preview due to MathJax issue.

2.9.0. February 4, 2017. Templates for typical scripts.

2.8.3. February 4, 2017. A bug for live preview on the front-end editor has been solved.

2.8.2. January 19, 2017. Front-end editor has been supported.

2.8.1. October 27, 2016. Maintenance for latest version of Joomla.

2.8.0. April 24, 2016. Editor button and live preview have been added.

2.7.0. March 11, 2016. Code improvement.

2.6.0. August 26, 2015. Maintenance release for MathJax CDN.

2.5.0. January 25, 2015. MathJax custom config parameter has been added. Free version was released.

2.4.0. November 18, 2014. Conversion, on the fly, function has been improved. Also some minor development in content plugin.

2.3.0. June 03, 2014. MathJax version selection option & skip code tag functionality have been added.

2.2.0. March 22, 2014. Listener for DOM changes has been added to system plugin.

2.1.1. March 19, 2014. Some bug has been fixed.

2.1.0. March 9, 2014. System plugin.

2.0.0. December 18, 2013. Pspicture.

1.0.0. April 21, 2013. Initial version.

You have to write all your equations using LaTeX script. We have recommend to use editor button "Insert Math" to write and insert your math equations and figures. The button opens popup modal window. Then you can write your maths easily. Because this window supports live preview for LaTeX equations.

You can read more information about usage and local installation from

And please visit LaTeX2HTML5 or Mathapedia to know about pspicture on the web page.

Also beware of label confliction in one page.

Bad Syntax

If LaTeX or PSPicture syntax was include some HTML tags such as <span>, the syntax was not rendered correctly. Also new lines in PSPicture syntax must created with <br /> tag, but not created with <p> (paragraph) tag. These errors are very popular. So you need to check HTML source of your input before publish. We have recommend two method for checking HTML source:

  1. Button "Toggle Editor" below editor
  2. Menu item "Source Code" in editor menu

One of useful method to clean <span> tag is command "Clear Formatting" of editor.

At last, useful method to avoid bad syntax, is using editor button i.e. popup modal window. Please remember it has live preview.


Inline equation $x^2+y^2=1$
Numbered equation \begin{equation}\Phi(0)=\frac{1}{2}\label{eq1}\end{equation}
Now calling (\ref{eq1})


  1. Open "Global Configuration"
  2. Click "JExtBOX Equation" from sidebar

Detailed information were displayed as tooltip in the labels.

Also don't disable any JExtBOX Equation plugin. We recommend to choose an option "whole site" from parameter "Application". The other option is inapplicable due to jQuery issues and plugin type.

Dollar sign escape

To escape dollar sign you need to replace $ by \$.

Update to 2.9.0

Uninstall older version (2.8.3 or older) completely before install/update. Otherwise delete old language files ("en-GB.com_jextboxequation.ini" and "en-GB.com_jextboxequation.sys.ini") from the directory "administrator/language".