JExtBOX Equation

JExtBOX Equation
J2.5; J3.3
Tue, 18 November 2014
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This plugin helps to display your math equation, diagram and figure and supports equation numbering.


  1. Supported components:
    Type of system plugin works with all component and modules except admin access.
    Content plugin works with content construction kit (CCK) for example Content and K2 etc.
  2. Powered by MathJax: This plugin based on MathJax.
  3. Custom installation: You can give a path of MathJax installation on your local server.
  4. Selection of MathJax source: Content Delivery Network (CDN) of MathJax or Local installation.
  5. Fallback: Loads local installation, if CDN failed.
  6. Save resource & time: Stops when any equation detected inside text of article/html.
  7. Direct convertion: Converts a LaTeX equation /syntax/, in HTML except content was loaded by AJAX, to MathJax formatted syntax on the fly.
  8. Direct convertion: Skips pre & code tags, i.e. does not convert equations and pspictures inside these tags.
  9. Direct convertion: Doesn't convert $ selector of javascript library in script tags.
  10. Supports pspicture: LaTeX2HTML5 or Mathapedia
  11. JS conflict: Additional options for avoiding conflict between JS libraries.


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2.4.0. November 18, 2014. Convertion, on the fly, function has been improved. Also some minor development in content plugin.

2.3.0. June 03, 2014. MathJax version selection option & skip code tag functionality have been added.

2.2.0. March 22, 2014. Listener for DOM changes has been added to system plugin.

2.1.1. March 19, 2014. Some bug has been fixed.

2.1.0. March 9, 2014. System plugin.

2.0.0. December 18, 2013. Pspicture.

1.0.0. April 21, 2013. Initial version.

Instruction and Note

You have to install just one of two plugins. Type of system plugin works in all components and modules except admin access. Content plugin works with content construction kit (CCK) for example Content and K2 etc.

You can read more information about usage and local installation from

And please visit  LaTeX2HTML5 or Mathapedia to know about pspicture on the web page.

"JQuery" and "JQuery NoConflict" parameters was used to avod JS Conflict for PSPicture.


Inline equation $x^2+y^2=1$
Numbered equation \begin{equation}\Phi(0)=\frac{1}{2}\label{eq1}\end{equation}
Now calling (\ref{eq1})

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