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This extension manages your articles automatically or manually: Archive, Move to Another Category, Change Access Level etc.

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Joomla 3.7+
component, plugin
4.2.0 on 10 Oct 2019

The extension provides following article managing operations:

  • Archive
  • Unpublish
  • Publish
  • Move to Trash
  • Move to Another Category
  • Assign or remove the Featured status
  • Change Access Level

The version 4.x of this extension was completely rewritten and the new visual query builder was added.

  • The component based configuration
  • Visual query builder
  • Unlimited, independent, easy configurable, useful and effective managing operations
  • Automated and fully configurable execution of article managing operations with load balancing
  • Manual (forced) execution
  • Select articles by: "age", category, state, the featured status, access level and hits.
  • Configuration of whole component: Enabling option, Restricted articles, Load Balancing, Permission to Manual Execution
  • Improved user interface

Version 4.2.0. 10 Oct 2019. Added the new toolbar button for resetting the last executed datetime of article managing operations.

Version 4.1.0. 5 Oct 2019. The new global configuration parameter "Extennd to Publish Down" was added. This parameter is used to control managing operations to access articles are unpublished by its option "Finish Publishing" when the AAM condition rule "State equal Unpublished" and the AAM operation "Change State to Published" are used.

Version 4.0.1. 17 Jan 2019. A bug for buttons publish/unpublish/archive in the toolbar and a button toggle in the list was solved. The bug is detected after upgraded Joomla to 3.9.1.

Version 4.0.0. 12 Nov 2018, Rewrote completely and added the new visual query builder.

Version 3.9.0. 3 May 2017, The managing rule execution settings were improved.

Version 3.8.3. 27 October 2016, Maintenance for latest version of Joomla.

Version 3.8.2. 3 March 2016, A bug at "assign featured status" has been fixed in the plugin.

Version 3.8.1. 17 February 2016, A bug at "Set of Articles" has been fixed in the plugin.

Version 3.8.0. 11 August 2015, 1. Manual (forced) execution command has been added. 2. Auto enable the plugin during installation.

Version 3.7.0. 21 July 2015, 1. New option Number Type has been added. 2. Rule validation at saving has been added to back-end component. 3. Relation between Filter and Options have been modified. Also it was renamed as "Apply with Options" and moved to tab "Filter Settings". 4. Database table structure has been modified.

3.6.1. 2014-12-13. A bug has been fixed in language file.

3.6.0. 2014-10-26. Delete history /versions/ entries too, when delete articles or empty trash.

3.5.1. 2014-08-26. 1. A bug at "Select by Status" has been fixed. 2. Detection of bad query has been improved.

3.5.0. 2014-08-22. 1. "Select by Publishing Date" option has been added. 2. Usage of "Restricted Articles" has been changed. 3. Detection of empty where syntax and empty selection and empty setting has been improved.

3.4.0. 2014-08-09. User interface i.e. JS code has been improved.

3.3.0. 2014-08-07. 1. Modify Publishing, Change Access Level, Assign Featured blog layout operations have been added. 2. Some operations have been combined to Update method. 3. Settings type of date and time have been supported Time Zone. 4. "Finish Publishing", "Revision" and "Hits" options have been added to "Order by" field. 5. Description field, options for logic operator for SQL query, Select by the "Featured" status, Select by Access Level, Select by Language options have been added. 6. User interface has been improved. 7. Allow or disallow empty WHERE option have been added to configuration of extension. 8. Selection of logical operator have been added. 9. Major changes to database table.

3.2.0. 2014-07-29. 1. New method "Publish" has added. 2. New filter type "Set of Articles" has added. 3. Removed a bug related to directory separator from version for Joomla 3. 4. Group of options, named "Article Status", has been added to this version. Now filters can be applied to published, unpublished, archived and trashed articles. 5. "Restricted Articles" and enabling/disabling all filters settings have been added to configuration of extension. 6. A bug related to type of "Number of Articles" removed from plugin. 7. User interface and description of fields have improved. Now component of this extension is easy to understand and use. 8. "Period" has changed to "Execution Date", have more advanced features. Now a filter could be executed once or periodically. 9. "Order by" global parameter has been moved to configuration of filter. Also "Ascending" and "Descending" options have been added to "Order by" parameter.

3.1.2. 2014-07-21. Minor bug - DS constant, was added to previous version, has been removed from component for Joomla 3.

3.1.1. 2014-04-13. Major bug 1054 error, related to "Order by" parameters initial value, has been fixed. Also a possible issue in one important function has been removed.

3.1.0. 2013-12-27. Joomla 3.x has been supported. Database structure and Extension Name have been changed. Date for ordering and ACL options have been added. Demo version has been released. Empty Trash new feature has been added. Also very optimal code written in advanced level.

3.0.1. 2013-10-24. A major bug has been fixed in plugin.

3.0.0. Minor bugs have been fixed. Joomla 3.x support in beta version.

2.1.0. Form for creating or editing filters have been improved. New features (periodicity and execution time) have been added. Three minor bugs have been fixed.

2.0.2. Minor bugs have been fixed.

2.0.1. Minor bugs have been fixed.

2.0.0. Component based filter manager has been added. Joomla! 2.5 has been supported.

1.0.0. 2011-06-22. Initial version.

Before install the latest version 4.x.x, you need to uninstall previous versions 3.x.x.

There are no visible differences between the versions. However, the following differences can be observed in practical usage.

  • Package Configuration
    • Article restriction to keep away specific articles from an accidental change.
    • The upper limit on the number of operations are automatically executed at once, which is used to avoid extremely high loading on a single request.
    • The special parameter to disable all managing operations.
  • Condition
    • Article exclusion by its age and hits, which is used to prevent from emptying a category and the front page.
  • Execution
    • Manual or forced execution in the back-end.

When the full version is installed, your all configuration will be kept and become usable.

Documentation of the newest version 4.0.0 is under construction.