About Author

Hi, I'm Makhgal Ganbold (Ганболдын Махгал) and my nickname is Galaa (Галаа). I'm a mathematician, a web developer and a husband, a father of my little boy & girl.

I have founded JExtBOX in 2011. Now I'm working as CEO and developer of JExtBOX and I have 7 years of experience in Joomla extension development.

My hobby is a web development, programming, collecting greatest movies especially animation and listening rock music. I love free software like Linux and LaTeX etc.. I use open-source programs and operating systems every day.

Stats & Skills

There are some statistics of our work around Joomla extension development and skills related to web development.

Active *

17 * currently published on JExtBOX

Years * of

7 * for Extension Development

Books *
Have Been Read

2 * about Extension Development
PHP & MySQL 90%
HTML 95%
CSS 80%
jQuery 70%
XML 90%

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